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Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 - 60ct

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Unleashing the Power of Solaray Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 for Cardiovascular HealthIntroducing Solaray Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10, a premium dietary supplement designed to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and boost heart health. Our product is a unique formula, combining the well-documented benefits of Red Yeast Rice and the potent antioxidant pr More Details

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General Information and datasheet
Why Reduce Cholesterol Levels And Can Red Yeast Rice Help?

Cholesterols are free fatty acid required by the body for its maintenance and normal functioning. Some of the free fatty acids are normally produced in the body or ends up in the body as part of enzyme activity and degradation. Most of the cholesterol is obtained as part of fat that we tend to consume. Normally, cholesterol is required for proper brain functioning and other metabolic activities. The problem with cholesterol starts when there is overproduction and piling up of cholesterol. When this happens, the cholesterol gets accumulated in arteries leading to hardening of blood vessels known as atherosclerosis.

Kinds of Cholesterol?

There are 5 known types of cholesterol, out of which 2 are considered to be good cholesterol and 3 are considered to be bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol participates in normal metabolic functioning and is utilized by the body. They include products like pantothenic acid, oleic acid etc. The good cholesterol needs to be present in the blood, and they would be utilized again and again. Another important aspect of cholesterol is that it CANNOT be excreted out of the body, either by urine or by feces causing clogging of cholesterol in the system.

When the cholesterol levels are higher in the blood stream, they run a risk of forming a plaque that could get deposited in major arteries causing them to narrow. The coronary arteries, the aorta (the largest blood vessel in the body), and some major veins have a tendency to accumulate this cholesterol in the form of a plaque within the cavity. This is one big reason why cholesterol levels are to be checked and kept under control. The cholesterol level when higher leads to higher secretion of bile and other digestive enzymes causing abnormal metabolic activity causing a condition known as hypercholesterolemia. In other words, having a higher level of cholesterol is no good news and needs to be intervened with the right approach. Well, this certainly does not mean going on another prescription drug and increasing your medical expenses.

Why red Yeast Rice?

Many natural products have cholesterol lowering properties and they serve as anti-oxidants. This property is utilized in utmost sense to reduce cholesterol by natural methods. Red yeast rice can help a lot in lowering blood cholesterol and maintain them in their normal ranges. Maintaining a healthy diet with fresh air and exercise would be of high benefit along with the use of natural agents. The red yeast rice actually converts the available cholesterol in blood into its ester form that could be metabolized or excreted out of the body. The conversion of cholesterol into its ester can take place only when sufficient quantity of the yeast is present in the blood, and it could take a while before actually start working. When you have the cholesterol normalized in your blood and you continue taking red rice yeast, the chances the cholesterol levels would stay low.

It is highly important to check your cholesterol levels and prevent them from going higher and the risk of a heart attack could be averted by simple natural interventions.

Helpful Customer Reviews

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Review of Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 - Solaray Product 8892
Reviewed by Aamir
Friday, December 24, 2010

Rating: 5/5

My cholesterol was at a high of 238. I tried eating nothing but grilled chicken, brown rice, and veges AND working out 2-3-4 times a week. It dropped down to 205. I heard about Red Yeast Rice through a Consumer Report. I've been taking it for about a year, not eating completely healthy foods, but my cholesterol dropped to a low of 174. I ran out for a couple months and my cholesterol went back up to 220+. I tried another brand and the level barely went down. I'm back on the Nature's Plus Extended Release and my cholesterol levels are on their way back DOWN. I'm a firm believer in this herb as produced by THIS company. Try it. Hopefully it works for you like it works for me. Remember, though, we're all genetically different.

AamirLondon,EnglandUnited Kingdom
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Review of Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 - Solaray Product 8892
Reviewed by Allie Fair
Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rating: 5/5

This is a fantastic dietary supplement.It is the best that I have tried so far.It not only keeps your appetite down but it also gives you tons of energy.I could hardly believe the price of it!!! 60 tablets for that price was really good. I have wasted tons of money on dietary supplements and finally I found one that is worth it. Red Yeast Rice is also good for has a good amount of fiber, which is needed in your daily diet.It also works for vegetarians...I have only had a good experience so far. I highly recommend the use of this product.

Allie FairAshland,ORUnited States
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Review of Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 - Solaray Product 8892
Reviewed by jimmy lane
Friday, December 24, 2010

Rating: 5/5

I am very pleased to have found a natural tablet to help control help with my bad circulation.I don't feel I am at a stage to start with prescription drugs and if I can control it naturally then I may never need to.I definitely feel alot better.I was encouraged to try the tablets because I have read that people who ate a high rice diet never suffered from hypertension.I would definitely recommend that you give them a try

jimmy laneYorkshire,s7 1lnUK