Natural Balance: Happy Camper 120 Cap

Happy Camper - 120 Cap

by   Natural Balance
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Helps reduce tension and anxiety so you can relax.

Enhances your overall well-being.

Ingrediesnts: Kava Kava - Relaxing herb from the South Pacific that produces a pleasant, cheerful, sociable feeling. Helps reduce anxiety.
Passion Flower - Relaxing herb from Central America helps relieve tension and complements the action of Kava Kava.
Gotu Kola - Known in India as a brain and nerve tonic. Calms the brain, enhances mental clarity, and helps the body adapt to stress.
Schizandra - Chinese herb that brightens the mind. Effective adaptogen and rejuvenator.
Eleuthero - Builds resistance to stress and fatigue.
Wood Betony - European herb that feeds and strengthens the nervous system.

Suggested Use:Take two capsules daily.

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