Solaray: Biotin 5000 60ct 5000mcg

Biotin 5000 - 60ct 5000mcg

by   Solaray
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  • *Biotin Is Needed For Healthy Hair And Skin
  • Aids in the metabolism of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins
  • Biotin promotes healthy nerve tissue, sweat glands, and bone marrow.
  • May help relieve muscle pain
UPC: 076280435450
# 43545

It has long been known that vitamin B-complex is vital to health. Biotin is one of the vitamins in this complex and has tons of beneficial health effects. It can be obtained from food and the body stores enough quantities that can be used during dietary lack. However, with continued consumption of processed foods, biotin deficiency is fast becoming a problem. This may warrant supplementation.

Below are the health benefits of biotin:

  • Biotin helps in growth and strengthening of hair and nails. It does this by preventing hair loss and thickening the cuticles thereby preventing nail breakage.
  • It plays part in weight loss by promoting metabolism.
  • Biotin acts as a coenzyme in the catabolism of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Biotin supports the growth and maintenance of skin.
  • It also prevents the development of various skin conditions including psoriasis, acne, rashes, eczema and itchiness.
  • It can prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke and coronary artery disease by lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Biotin can prevent the development or exacerbation of type 2 diabetes mellitus because of its effects of lowering blood sugar levels.
Biotin 5000 Lozenge
Description: Biotin is an essential B vitamin that plays a vital role as a coenzyme involved in protein synthesis andcarbohydrate metabolism. It is also important to support healthy hair and fingernails.

Product #: 43545
Size: 60ct 5000mcg
Directions: Use only as directed. Take one lozenge daily. Store in a cool, dry place.

Serving Size: 1  ea    60 Servings per container
Ingredients: Amount per serving: % Daily Value: +
Total Carbohydrate <1 g <1% 
Biotin 5,000 mcg 1,667% 
Key to Ingredients:
     ~ = Daily Value not established.
     + = Percent Daily Value is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
     ? = Values differ depending on age
     ? = Values differ depending on age
Other Ingredients: Sorbitol, Xylitol, Natural Fruit Flavors with other natural flavors, Stearic Acid, Silica, Orange Juice Powder, Malic Acid and Citric Acid.

As a dietary supplement, take one lozenge daily.

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