AMAZING NUTRITION: Amazing Formulas Arginine AlphaKetoglutarate AAKG 2.2 LB

Amazing Formulas Arginine AlphaKetoglutarate AAKG - 2.2 LB

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Understand the Benefits of Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG)

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate is a combination of two amino acids, arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate. This supplement is popular among athletes for its potential to support lean muscle mass, strength gain and endurance, as well as athletic performance.* But what does AAKG do exactly? Let’s break down the benefits of AAKG.

What Is AAKG?

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) is an amino acid that helps support increased blood flow to the muscles.* It can help boost nitric oxide levels, which can promote improved performance in athletes.* Nitric oxide also helps regulate blood pressure levels and supports healthy cardiovascular function.* AAKG also plays a role in supporting the synthesis of proteins which are essential for growth and development. As an added bonus, it can also help improve nutrient delivery to cells throughout your body.*

How Does AAKG Work?

The way that Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate works is by helping to increase nitric oxide levels in your body. Nitric Oxide helps promote blood flow throughout your body by dilating blood vessels so more nutrients and oxygen can get to where they need to go. This improved circulation means that cells receive more of the necessary fuel they need for optimal performance. Additionally, this supplement may help reduce fatigue associated with exercise as well as improve recovery time after working out.*

Benefits of Taking AAKG?

There are several benefits associated with taking Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate supplements. Not only does it help support increased blood flow to muscles during exercise, but it may also help reduce fatigue associated with intense physical activity.* Because AAKG can help one workout with more intensity this in turn will help muscles grow, if one does not tear enough muscle fibers at each workout the body cant repair and build better, an intense workout is important for continued muscle growth.

In Summary:

Taking an Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) supplement can provide many benefits related to physical performance and overall health. By increasing nitric oxide levels in your body, you will be able to support better circulation throughout your body resulting in increased nutrient delivery which can ultimately lead to improved athletic performance and reduced fatigue following exercise.* So if you’re looking for a supplement that can provide all these benefits then look no further than Amazing Nutrition Amazing Formulas AAKG!* Try it today - you won’t be disappointed.

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