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Wild Bear's GarlicTM (allium ursinum) Wild garlic harvested
from the Alpine Plains is rich in adenosine, ACE inhibitory
factor, sulfur compounds and minerals. With more iron,
magnesium, and manganese than cultivated garlic, this naturally
odor-free "green food" thins the blood and helps the
heart. Wild Bear's GarlicTM Wild Bear's Garlic is one of
the oldest medicinal herbs known to man. Its healing properties
have been recognized by Europeans for centuries where it is
valued for its ability to cleanse the blood of impurities. The
name Wild Bear's Garlic comes from the observation that bears
awakening from their winter hibernation devoured vast quanities
of the plant to restore their strength. Wild Bear's Garlic
has long been used as a remedy for a wide range of diseases.
Though very similar to ordinary cultivated garlic in function,
Wild Bear's Garlic has higher levels of ajoenes, adenosine,
iron, and ACE-Inhibitory potential. In fact, it has the highest
natural sulfur and adenosine levels found anywhere in the plant
kingdom! Adenosine is a key component in the regulation of
hypertention an tachycardia. While ordinary garlic (Allium
ursinum) has been cultivated for centuries resulting in a
uniform, less vigorous strain, Wild Bear's Garlic (Allium
sativum) is organically grown in the wild! This wild cousin to
ordinary garlic grows on the Alpine Plains, its natural sulfur
compounds unaltered by man. Rich in special sulfur compounds,
Wild Bear's Garlic has circulation increasing and lipid-reducing
properties that could be useful aids in preventing heart
attacks. For two plants to have the same or similar
properties it is necessary that their patterns of components be
similar. In comparative chemical analysis and in enzyme and cell
tests, Wild Bear's Garlic was found to have an effect
correspondingto that of cultivated garlic. However, Wild Bear's
Garlic contains more ajoenes, 30% more sulfur, and about 20
times more adenosine than cultivated garlic. It is to ajoene and
adenosine that the well known effects on cholesterol,
hypertension and tachycardia are largely
attributed. Comparative Analysis Wild Bear's
GarlicTM Manganese Adenosine Iron 249 mg/kg 1350 mg/kg 170
mg/kg ACE-Inhibiting Effect Magnesium
Phosphorous 56% 1668 mg/kg 11,020 mg/kg Cultivated
Garlic Manganese Adenosine Iron 14 mg/kg 0-70 mg/kg 106
mg/kg ACE-Inhibiting Effect Magnesium
Phosphorous 30% 950 mg/kg 6,813 mg/kg 1992 Plant of the
Year - Potent and odorless Because Wild Bear's Garlic is
healthful, odorless and organic, it was named 1992 Plant of the
Year by the Society for the Protection and Investigation of
European Flora.

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