Auroshikha Candles and Incense: Incense Myrrh 10 gm

Incense Myrrh - 10 gm

by   Auroshikha Candles and Incense
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What is Myrrh Gum?

Myrrh gum is the dried resin tapped from a prickly bush known as the Commiphora tree species, sometimes known as torchwood and native to the Horn of Africa. Its healing powers were well known throughout the ancient Mediterranean area and many parts of Asia, and myrrh gum has been used for healing, infusing bandages for wrapping the dead and as incense, frequently used in ancient tombs. It was a prized substance, and reportedly one of the gifts given by the Magi to the baby Jesus.

Its historic use in treating sore gums, sore throats and various infections reflect what we know about it now. Myrrh gum contains a number of powerful antioxidants in the form of flavonoids and sesquiterpenes, which also possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Among some of its miscellaneous health benefits are:

Cholesterol reduction: Myrrh gum reduces the LDL cholesterol levels in your blood, and so protects you from cardiovascular disease caused by the free-radical oxidation of that so-called 'bad' form of cholesterol. While research indicates the presence of substances able to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, it is also a powerful antioxidant, destroying the free radicals that cause that form of oxidation and so tackles cholesterol damage to your arteries on two fronts.

Reduces pain: Myrrh gum is an analgesic, tackling pain at its root - in the brain, where it prevents the chemicals that promote the sensation of pain from working effectively and also helps with the release of the analgesic neurotransmitter, dopamine. It also offers strong anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pain of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and ulcers. It kills bacteria and prevents fungal infections, and generally helps your immune system to sweep up invading bacteria and enable wounds and skin conditions to heal and clear up quicker.

If you generally feel run down, suffering problems with your gastrointestinal system, have rashes and other skin conditions and tend to catch everything going, then try myrrh gum and give your body a much-needed boost of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It is available as capsules or a liquid extract.

The ancient Masala Method of making incense uses only natural
essential oils, flowers, spices, aromatic herbs, natural resins
and other aromatic substances blended in a paste which is then
hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick. Auroshikha is "charged with the
presence of India." All Auroshikha Traditional Incense
fragrances are timeless classics representing the most popular
scents of exotic India. Non Toxic - All Natural.

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