BIOFORCE USA: Molkosan 16.9 fl oz

Molkosan - 16.9 fl oz

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Molkosan (from the Swiss German word for whey "Molke") is not an
appetite suppressant that makes you jittery. It's not a fat
blocker or so called fat burner that may upset your system.
This unique fermented whey is so rich in L[+] - lactic acid it
balances your digestive tract, balances your stomach, balances
your pancreas - to help you slim down while giving you the
energy to stay slim When used in conjunction with a healthy
weight loss program, Molkosan helps you take off the pounds and
keep them off. It encourages and maintains healthy intestinal
flora, stimulates the secretion of gastric acid, and also
contains valuable minerals. In short, it provides all the
health giving benefits of fresh whey, without the fat and

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