UPC: 049347080139
# BR0010

Replaceable Head Natural Toothbrush Double Tip X-Soft Smile
Brite Replaceable Head Toothbrus System represents the ultimate
merger f superior dental care with environmental awareness.
Also, Smile Brite replaceable head toothbrushes are hygienic. By
using Smile Brite, you can always achieve optimum care levels
for your teeth and gums by disposing worn-out toothbrushes
before they harm your dental health. Ingredients: ALL
MATERIALS comply with EU regulations for toothbrush
use. ECONOMICAL save money, just replace the heads not the
handles. ECOLOGICAL reduces produtions & disposal of plastic
handles. HYGIENIC convenient way to chnge brushes every 2-3
months as recommended by dentists. Instructions: Dentists
recommend that you not apply heavy pressure when brushing. This
can damage teeth and fray or damage toothbrush bristles. The
most important factor is to consistently brush and to reach all
surfaces of your teeth. SAFE & EASY with the "e-z snug" system
just pull the old head off & snap on the new. The head stays
firmly in place until you want to replace it.

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