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Pancreas Glycerine Ext 2 oz. Description:
This formula was created for the pancreas and other affiliated
glands that through malfunction cause high or low blood sugar
(namely hypoglycemia and diabetes). One should take a a glucose
tolerance test after using this combination. Reports have come
in about heavy insulin users who continue using the insulin but
by watching litmus paper or other types of diabetic checking
have gradually cut down on the insulin; and many within a year,
have found complete relief using two to three or more capsules,
three times per day, six days a week. Of course, the closer a
person stays on the mucusless diet and eliminates unnatural
sugars, soft drinks, candies, pastries, bread, etc. from the
diet, the quicker the results. This synergistic blend consists
of the following herbs: Golden Seal, Uva ursi, Cayenne, Cedar
berries, Licorice root and Mullein. All encapsulated products
are in a pure 100% vegetable glycerine.

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