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Joint Formula: Brigham Herb, Hydrangea Root, Yucca, Chaparral,
Lobelia, Burdock Root, Sarsaparilla, Wild Lettuce, Valerian,
Wormwood, Cayenne, Black Cohosh, and Black Walnut. All
encapsulated products are in a pure 100% vegetable based
capsule. Take two capsules, three times a day with a cup of
distilled water. Use hot fomentations of Complete Tissue Formula
over extremely painful or crippled areas. Joint Formula has a
combination of herbs that detoxify; act as a solvent for the
accepted but not assimilated calcium deposits; herbs that
relieve pain; herbs rich in organic calcium that can be
assimilated and useful; herbs that kill fungus and infection and
give wonderful relief. This relief is not immediate because here
is a long rebuilding job--gradual relief can come, and full
healing, if the program is followed faithfully.

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