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Earthrise Spirulina Organic Certified Organic
Microalgae Supports Immune System: A healthy immune system
defends, cleans and maintains the body. Scientific studies show
spirulina supports immune system health.* Maintains Healthy
Cholesterol: Limited scientific studies show spirulina can
contribute to healthy serum cholesterol levels.* Promotes
Cellular Health: Natural Beta Carotene is an antioxidant
nutrient which may help maintain cellular health. Spirulina has
a high content of natural Beta Carotene in an antioxidant
complex of ten carotenoids, synergistically promoting health at
multiple sites in the body.* Organically grown in accordance
with the California Organic Food Act of 1990. Produced under an
ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management System. 60%
all-vegetable protein and one of nature's best sources of
vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a whole food.
Easy-to-digest so nutrients are absorbed quickly. Potent
phytonutrients: the antioxidant Beta Carotene, the rare
essential fatty acid GLA, sulfo-glycolipids and
polysaccharides. Its deep green color comes from its rainbow of
natural pigments - chlorophyll (green), phycocyanin (blue) and
carotenoids (orange) - that harvest the sun's energy. Pioneer
in Spirulina Cultivation Earthrise is the pioneer in blue-green
algae cultivation. Earthrise introduced spirulina to the natural
foods market in 1979, leading the green food revolution. In
1997, Earthrise announced Spirulina Bio, our certified organic
spirulina. With over 20 years of culture refinement, every
bottle of Earthrise Spirulina we produce is the highest quality
and consistency. Ecologically Grown at Earthrise
Nutritionals, the world's largest spirulina farm, spirulina
grows rapidly in the sunny California desert, where the air is
clean. Our spirulina production methods conserve land and soil,
and use water and energy more efficiently per kilo of protein
than any other food.

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