HOBE LABS: Pau D'Arco Tea Bags 54 bags

Pau D'Arco Tea Bags - 54 bags

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PAU D'ARCO, Treasure of the Incas This natural tonic, which
is believed to strengthen all or part of the body, comes from
the inner bark of a South American tree known as Lapacho Morado
or Ipe Roxo. It is called "Taheebo" by the Native Indians of
Brazil. Research continues to indicate Pau D'Arco has a
unique potential to possibly help regress some degenerative
diseases. It is completely nontoxic and can be used without
complications by adults and children. Reports also suggest
this rejuvenating tonic helps the immune system and may serve as
an antibiotic, antimicrobiotic, anti-fungal and antimalarial

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