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Instructions: lather up, and rinse
Ingredients: Vegetable Oil Base, no animal testing, natural
color and fragrance. Ayurvedic Lavender Herbal extracts.
Turmeric {Curcuma longa} emollient, ayurveda used it for skin
disorders, astringent also used to relieve itching and helping
wounds to heal. Daruhalad {Berberis aristata} said to relieve
itching and help heal abraded skin. Musta {Cyperus rotundus}
ayurveda claims it has anti-microbial action. Lodhra
{Symplocus racemosus} astringent and anti-inflammatory
per ayurveda. Manjishta {Rubia cordiforia} good for complexion
and to aid against skin infections. Sariva {Hemidesmus
indicus} cooling to the skin, good for the complexion and skin
tone. Neem {Azidarichta indica} world renowned for
its antibacterial and anti-microbial action. NO ANIMAL
AND FRAGRANCE. Supplemental Facts: Herbal vedic
products are based on the ancient system of knowledge known
as Ayurveda. Orginating from the wisdom of Indian sages over
5000 years ago, it has been subsequently refined and updated
through centuries of experience. This Ayurvedic Soap is
developed using herbal ingredients long cherished for their
deep cleansing action, leaving the skin feeling clean, fresh and
soft. This soap is suitable for all purpose hand and body use,
as well as gentle enough for the face. This Soap contains a
vegetable oil base combined with Ayurvedic herbal
extracts, including Neem, which are traditionally used for
cleansing and moisturising the skin.

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