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AbsorbAid® may eliminate the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn
and reflux naturally, through better digestion. For better
digestion/absorption of nutrients and to avoid the symptoms of
indigestion and heartburn, take 1-2 capsules with each meal.
AbsorbAid® significantly increases your body's ability to absorb
nutrients, and the unique "stabilized plant enzymes" have been
bio engineered to be stomach acid stable, and continue to be
active in the small intestine - AbsorbAid® will help digest
every food group. It has been scientifically proven to enhance
the absorption of vital nutrients up to 71%. AbsorbAid® will
effectively SUPERCHARGE the use of nutrient rich foods, vitamins
and other supplemental products. It is the catalyst that allows
you to sell more of your other supplements because it increases
their effectiveness. For best results use AbsorbAid® with
every meal, snacks and protein drinks. Do not add AbsorbAid®
to hot liquids as heat destroys the enzymatic activity. FAQ:
How do I take AbsorbAid and when should I use it? AbsorbAid's
main function is to help you digest your food, so you should
take it with daily meals. One to two capsules, or 1/4 to 1/2
teaspoon is the recommended amount to use. There is no maximum
dosage, so if you are eating a large meal, you may want to
increase the amount you use. AbsorbAid is safe for children and
pregnant or nursing women. While a woman nurses, the newborn
will benefit by receiving better nutrition through more
efficient and effective absorption of nutrients. What is in
AbsorbAid? AbsorbAid is an all-natural enzyme that has been
formulated to be stomach acid stable. It is made from 5 plant
enzymes; Lipase, Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, and
Lactase. What makes AbsorbAid different from other enzyme
products? AbsorbAid is stomach acid stable and is active in
the small intestine. Most nutrients are absorbed through the
walls of the small intestine. Why do I need to add AbsorbAid
to my diet? Many people have poor digestive systems, and lack
the ability to absorb the nutrients from the food they eat or
the supplements that they take. All foods have enzymes, however,
cooking destroys them and makes your body use its limited
supply. Enzyme production decreases as we age. Many
Professionals attribute premature aging and disease to a diet
that is deficient in digestive enzymes. Is there a
difference between taking the capsules and using the powder?
For immediate relief of indigestion, heartburn or reflux use the
powder or open up the capsules in water. Using AbsorbAid this
way will allow you to "wash" away the irritating food and acid
while you are drinking the AbsorbAid with water. When you eat,
you can use the powder in water or just swallow the capsules.
They are equally effective for increasing absorption of
nutrients. Do I need to check with my Dr. before I start to
use the AbsorbAid? If you are being treated for any serious
medical condition you should consult your physician before
taking AbsorbAid , but keep in mind, that AbsorbAid only
contains the enzymes that are found in your food; that is if you
ate raw or lightly cooked food. These enzymes are totally
natural and will assist your bodies' own process of breaking
down the food you eat into easily absorbable nutrients. If you
feel comfortable eating large quantities of raw fruits and
vegetables without consulting your doctor, you should feel
comfortable using AbsorbAid . What kind of results will I
see, and how long will it take to see these results? To feel
immediate relief of indigestion, heartburn or reflux. For better
absorption of the nutrients in your food or supplements you may
feel a difference within a few days to a few weeks. Using
AbsorbAid in this way will help your body's natural immune
system to be more effective. When your immune system is healthy,
it is able to keep you healthy by fighting off illnesses and
diseases. Being healthy should be viewed as a long-term goal, by
ensuring that nutrients are absorbed into your body. It's not
what you eat that keeps you healthy, " It's what you
Absorb." I am taking antacids i.e. Tums, Maalox, and/or acid
blockers, i.e. Zantac, Tagamet etc., can I use AbsorbAid While I
use these products? Yes. AbsorbAid is a Healthy Option to
antacids and acid blockers. You should find that using AbsorbAid
to relieve the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn and reflux
will be preferable to using antacids, and when you use AbsorbAid
during meals, you may not even experience these
symptoms. Should I stop taking some of the supplements now
that I'm using the AbsorbAid? No.? AbsorbAid itself doesn't
have a nutritional value; it is a catalyst that helps you absorb
the nutrients in foods and supplements. Should I take the
AbsorbAid with my supplements?Yes. Most supplements should be
taken with meals. Eating starts your digestive process, and
since you want to digest and absorb those nutrients, you should
take them at that time. Also, since AbsorbAid increases the
absorption of nutrients, you should use AbsorbAid at the same

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