UPC: 635824002130
# NF0027

Germ-a-Clenz Germ-a-Clenz,
the edible antiseptic spray,
should be used anyplace germs
threaten you. It is a unique blend
of completely edible
essential oils with broad spectrum
antimicrobial activity.
This means you can use Germ-a-Clenz with
complete confidence
anyplace dangerous germs may threaten your
safety. Use
Germ-a-Clenz in your environment, on food, on
on cutting boards, in public restrooms, on airplane

headrests, and even around infants. Germ-a-Clenz should
regularly and frequently sprayed on furnace and air
filters to decrease mold and viral

transmission. Ingredients: Natural carvacrol phenol,

thymol phenol, cuminaldehyde phenol, and natural wild spice


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