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The Constituents of a Parsley Supplement

Parsley offers a number of varied benefits to your health in addition to sweetening your breath, and contains a corresponding large number of phytochemical constituents to achieve these properties. The antioxidant benefits of parsley come from the antioxidant vitamins A and C, which destroy free radicals on sight, and also carotenoids that are powerfully antioxidant. These substances prevent the free radical oxidation of LDL cholesterol that can block your arteries and can be very damaging to your heart.

Myristicin will not only inhibit the formation of cancerous cells, and tumors, but also activate an enzyme (glutathione-S-transferase) that works with the master-antioxidant glutathione to destroy free radicals and other oxidized molecules. When you add to these flavanoids, Vitamin K and Vitamin B9 (folate), you have a powerfully mixture of phytochemicals in one supplement that offers a multitude of beneficial properties that will help you to stay healthy and smell sweet for as long as you take it!

Using Parsley for Healthy Arteries

Your overall health depends a great deal on the health of your heart. The health of your heart depends to a large extent on the health of your arteries, and the health of your arteries depends largely upon how effectively they can pump blood around your body. Arteries are responsible for distributing oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, and should the oxygen supply in particular fail, then your body cells die. These include your brain cells, which is why oxygen is needed for life.

Your arteries can be either fully or partially blocked with deposits of cholesterol that build up on their internal walls. This blockage is caused by free-radical oxidation of the low density lipids that carry cholesterol around your bloodstream, known as 'LDL' or 'serum' cholesterol. The lipid and cholesterol gradually builds up inside your arteries until they are either fully blocked or, more likely, blocked by small blood clots that normally flow freely round your system.

Phytochemicals (plant chemicals) in parsley can destroy the free radicals that cause this, and so protect you from the atherosclerosis as which this condition is known. These phytochemicals are mainly Vitamins A and C and flavanoids. What they are is immaterial - what matters is that parsley helps protect you from this very common condition that can lead to heart failure and strokes.

Latin Name Petroselinum crispum Description Nature's Way
Parsley is a carefully screened, encapsulated powder version of
this well known herb. Usage Parsley contains high amounts of
chlorophyll, and is very nutritious. Most fine restaurants offer
parsley as a garnish and breath freshener, this custom is
borrowed from the ancient Romans.* Recommended Daily
Dosage Take two capsules two or three times daily with water at
mealtimes or prepared as a tea. The following
list is for serving size of 2 capsules Primary Ingredients
Amount USRDA Parsley Herb 900 mg 0% Other
Ingredients Gelatin Sizes 100 capsules

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