NATURE'S WAY: Cayenne 100,000 HU Extra Hot 100 caps

Cayenne 100,000 HU Extra Hot - 100 caps

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Latin Name Capsicum annuum Description A special blend of
Cayenne at 100,000 HU, ginger and hawthorn berry. Extra Hot is
most sought after by experienced Cayenne
consumers. Usage Cayenne is a blood-red warming herb that
has an invigorating effect on several body systems.
* Recommended Daily Dosage Take one capsule with water at
mealtime, one to three times daily. This product is not intended
for first-time Cayenne users. We suggest first-time users begin
with CapsiCool or Nature's Way 40,000 Heat Unit Cayenne
Single. The following list is for serving size
of 1 capsule (proprietary formula) Primary Ingredients
Cayenne, pepper fruit Ginger Hawthorn Berry Other
Ingredients Gelatin

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