NATURE'S WAY: Ginkgo Standardized Extract 60 caps

Ginkgo Standardized Extract - 60 caps

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Ginkgo, Extract Latin Name Ginkgo
biloba Description Natures Way Ginkgo biloba is a
technically and scientifically advanced herbal extract
standardized to 24 % Ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6% terpene
lactones, supported by whole Gotu Kola herb. Usage Improves
mental sharpness. Clinical studies on Gingko biloba extract
show that it supports circulation to the brain as well as the
extremities. This is achieved by maintaining healthy blood
vessel tone and reducing blood viscosity. Additionally, Ginkgo
biloba is a proven free radical scavenger and
antioxidant.* Recommended Daily Dosage Take one capsule
twice daily with water at mealtimes. For more intensive use,
take two capsules twice daily with water at mealtimes.
The following list is for serving size of 1 capsule Primary
Ingredients Amount USRDA Ginkgo, dried extract 60 mg 0%
Gotu Kola (stem, leaf) 400 mg 0% Other
Ingredients Gelatin, Millet

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