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EstroSoy Plus - 60 caps

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EstroSoy Plus Description EstroSoy Plus is a
phytoestrogen dietary supplement made from whole soybeans
fermented with a natural, proprietary process. Fermentation
yields more isoflavones and a diversity of supportive nutrients
including beta glucan and glutathione. EstroSoy Plus delivers
soy isoflavones (60% genistein/40% diadzein) in their "free",
uncojugated form for better absorption and more effective use
within the body. Only 100% certified, organically grown soybeans
without genetic modification (non-GMO) are contained in EstroSoy
Plus. Usage EstroSoy Plus relieves hot flashes and night
sweats, supports breast health, and promotes healthy bones by
helping the body retain calcium. Soy, which contains natural
phytoestrogens called isoflavones, has been clinically proven to
ease hormonal transition. Women with a soy-rich diet report
lower incidence of hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.
Recent studies also show that women with a soy-rich diet have
healthier bones and increased breast health. The diets referred
to in these studies involve fermented soy (as in foods like
natto, miso and tempeh). EstroSoy Plus from Nature's Way is a
unique dietary supplement containing fermented soy consistent
with the scientific research.* Recommended Daily Dosage Take
two EstroSoy Plus capsules daily with water.
The following list is for serving size of Two
capsules Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA Black Cohosh,
dried extract 40 0% Fermented Soy Extract 890 0% Red
Clover Blossoms 100 0%

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