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Our certified organic Amalaki (also known as ?Amla') fruit pulp powder promotes healthy digestion and regularity, while supporting blood, liver, and kidney function. Amla is one of the three main ingredients in Triphala, one of the most ancient and renowned formulas of Ayurveda.

*Botanical name: Emblica officinalis

*Part used: Fruit

*Qualities: All tastes but salty; predominately sour, cooling, and sweet

*Systems: Circulatory, digestive, excretory

*Ayurveda: Pitta tonic. Vata & Kapha decreasing, Ama increasing if taken in excess.


Organic Amla powder (Emblica officinalis).


Take 1/2 tsp in 1 cup warm water 2x daily, in AM & PM.

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