Pacific Resources International: Manuka Honey UMF 10Plus 17.6 oz

Manuka Honey UMF 10Plus - 17.6 oz

by   Pacific Resources International
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  • 100% Raw Certified
  • Contains a high level of antibacterial activity
  • Helps maintain healthy digestive function
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Manuka Honey UMF 10Plus by Pacific Resources International

PRI's UMF® 10+ Active Manuka Honey contains a high level of antibacterial activity only found in UMF® Active Manuka Honey. To help maintain healthy digestive function.

Manuka Honey is sourced from Leptospermum scoparium a small tree that is native to New Zealand. This small shrub-like tree grows in clusters on hillsides, in coastal areas and at the edges of the New Zealand bush. During the heat of the early summer it produces a profusion of flowers a-buzz with bees busily collecting nectar to make our unique Manuka Honey - the flavor of our country. Special techniques have been used to ensure that this Manuka Honey reaches you in optimum condition, just as nature intended.

Our Active UMF 10+ Manuka Honey is guaranteed to have a total antibacterial activity level of 10 or higher. This is greater than most honeys and standard antiseptics.

Use only as directed.

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