BUDDHA TEAS: Maca Tea 18 bag

Maca Tea - 18 bag

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  • 100% Organic Herbal Tea
  • The World's finest herbs for a Delicious tea experience
  • USDA Organic
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Maca Tea by Buddha Teas

Maca makes its home on the high slopes of the Andes mountain range, running along the western coastline of Peru. One of its many nicknames includes “Peruvian ginseng”, although this root is not a relative of the ginseng family. In truth, maca belongs to the same family as several vegetables, including radish, turnip, cabbage and broccoli. For more than three millennia, natives of the Andes mountain regions have harvested maca for the brown, fleshy taproot it produces, which is then eaten as a root vegetable. When dried and powdered, the root is used to make a hearty cup of herbal tea. Maca tea is best described as robust, earthy and invigorating, with a mild nuttiness that creates a unique and pleasant experience.

Buddha Teas understands that a great tea can only be made from great ingredients. We use 100% certified organic maca root to create this one-of-a-kind herbal tea, never contaminated by flavoring and additives. We strive to eliminate any trace of chemicals from our tea, even using bleach-free tea bags to remove the risk of potentially harmful chemicals like dioxin. You can enjoy every cup of maca tea knowing it’s exactly the way nature intended it to be.

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