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Dr. Nanba’s Maitake Beta Factor™ Legendary Health-Supporting
Mushroom! • Endorsed by Dr. Hiroaki Nanba, the world’s
premier researcher of maitake. • Considered by Dr. Nanba to
be an advanced form of maitake, containing the latest
generation of beta-glucan fraction. • Contains Maitake
Beta-Factor, Dr. Nanba’s patented beta-glucan fraction*, as
well as the fully mature maitake fruiting body and the
mycelium, for a full spectrum of maitake
activity. Liquid One serving of liquid
contains: Maitake Beta Factor* 12.5 mg from Maitake
fruiting body (Grifola frondosa) Vitamin C (Ester C®) 12
mg Suggested Use: Maintenance dose: one serving daily.
Clinical dose: one serving, twice daily between meals, or as
recommended by your health care

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