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Beyond Tomatoes: Discover the Prostate-Protecting, Stress-Battling Strength of Source Naturals Lycopene

The History of Source Naturals Lycopene

Source Naturals Lycopene emerged from a pioneering spirit aimed at harnessing the potent antioxidant properties of lycopene. Its inception was driven by scientific fascination with lycopene, a vibrant red pigment found naturally in tomatoes, known for its exceptional antioxidant capabilities. In recognizing lycopene's significant potential to combat oxidative stress and support prostate health, Source Naturals set forth to create a concentrated form of this powerful antioxidant. This initiative was marked by rigorous research and an unwavering commitment to natural health solutions, culminating in the development of a superior supplement dedicated to enhancing cellular protection and overall wellbeing.

What Lycopene Does in the Body?

Within the human body, lycopene serves as a powerhouse antioxidant, specifically targeting and neutralizing harmful free radicals, like singlet oxygen, that can lead to oxidative stress and cellular damage. Unlike many other carotenoids, lycopene is solely focused on antioxidant activities, as it cannot be converted into vitamin A. This specialization allows lycopene to devote its full capabilities to protecting cells, maintaining cellular integrity, and supporting the body’s overall health and vitality.

For those seeking a natural supplement that not only combats oxidative stress but also offers dedicated support for prostate health, Source Naturals Lycopene presents an ideal solution. Imagine empowering your body with a shield against the invisible threats of environmental and metabolic stress, infusing your cells with the strength they need to resist damage and dysfunction. By choosing Source Naturals Lycopene, you're not merely selecting a supplement; you're making a pivotal decision to prioritize your health, ensuring a future where you wake refreshed and resilient, ready to face the challenges of each day. Harness this opportunity to be proactive about your wellbeing; allow Source Naturals Lycopene to become your trusted ally in the quest for lifelong health and vitality.

Key Benefits of Lycopene - Antioxidant Carotenoid

  • Comprehensive Cellular Defense: Offers broad-spectrum protection against various forms of oxidative stress, contributing to overall cellular health.
  • Heart Health Partner: Through its antioxidant action, lycopene may play a role in supporting the cardiovascular system, helping to maintain healthy heart function.
  • Skin Health Support: Protects skin cells from oxidative damage caused by UV exposure and environmental pollutants, promoting a healthier, more resilient complexion.
  • Enhanced Immune Function: By neutralizing free radicals, lycopene can aid in bolstering the immune system, enabling better defense against infections and disease.
  • Vision Vitality: Lycopene contributes to eye health, potentially reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataract formation through its antioxidant properties.


  • Lycopene 15 mg: Sourced from the finest, ripe tomatoes, this key ingredient delivers a potent 15 mg dose of one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Lycopene is renowned for its ability to combat oxidative stress, protect cellular integrity, and support various aspects of human health, including prostate wellness, cardiovascular health, and skin resilience. By focusing on antioxidant activities, lycopene provides targeted defense against the damages caused by free radicals, ensuring comprehensive support for your body's natural defenses.

Empowering your health with Source Naturals Lycopene is more than a choice—it's a decisive step towards lifelong vitality and wellness. Experience the unparalleled benefits of a supplement designed to fortify your health against the rigors of oxidative stress, support your heart and prostate, and nurture your body's cellular integrity. With each 15 mg serving of premium lycopene, you're not just investing in a brighter today; you're laying the foundation for a healthier, stronger tomorrow.

Don't wait for the first signs of health concern to take action. Seize the opportunity now to elevate your health and well-being. With Source Naturals Lycopene, you have a scientifically validated ally in your corner, ready to help you face every day with increased vitality and peace of mind. Remember, optimal health is a choice best made proactively — choose to protect, support, and rejuvenate your body starting today.

Take charge of your health now by clicking the 'Buy Now' button. Embark on your journey toward vibrant health with Source Naturals Lycopene. Your future self will thank you for this commitment to wellness. Don’t wait—act now and make Source Naturals Lycopene a pivotal part of your daily health regimen.

Supplement Facts for Softgels Serving Size: 3 Softgels
  Amount %DV
Lycopene 15 mg  

Suggested Use: 1 to 3 softgels daily with a meal.
Other Ingredients: soybean oil, gelatin, corn oil, vegetable glycerin, purified water, and yellow beeswax.
Warning: Bee products may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Discontinue use and consult a health care professional if an allergic reaction occurs. If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.
Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of the reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Allergies: Contains soy.
Contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn or wheat. Contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor or fragrance.

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