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Organic Raspberry Leaf Supports the Female System* Herbal
Dietary Supplement Organic Raspberry Leaf tea supports the
female system* by aiding healthy menstruation as well as toning
the uterus in preparation for childbirth.* For millennia
European and Native American women have safely used raspberry
leaf for irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps and during
pregnancy.* Today naturopaths and nurse-midwives often recommend
raspberry leaf tea for these traditional uses. How does it
taste? Raspberry leaf has a robust, full-bodied flavor
reminiscent of fine black tea, making it an excellent choice for
a caffeine-free breakfast or afternoon tea. Organic Raspberry
Leaf Ingredients Organic raspberry leaf. Organic
Raspberry Leaf Brewing Directions Brew Well to be Well™ For
maximum benefit, medicinal tea must be properly prepared. Pour 8
oz. freshly boiled water over a tea bag in a cup. Cover cup and
steep 10-15 minutes. These steps directly influence the amount
of beneficial components that will end up in your teacup! Gently
squeeze the tea bag to release any remaining extract. Drink
3 or more cups daily between meals. For an extra strength brew,
use two teabags. Organic Raspberry
Leaf Cautions Pregnancy and lactation: This product can be
used during all stages of a woman's life including during
pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Consult your pre- or
post-natal healthcare provider prior to use.

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