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OcuGuard Plus Caps Ocuguard Plus capsules contain a special
blend of specific multi-vitamins (more than 14 in all! ) all
designed to help protect the eyes. The "Plus" in OcuGuard
Plus refers to the additional breakthrough nutrient called
lutein. A day's supply contains 80 times the trace amounts found
in the leading multi-vitamin! This carotenoid is abundant in
fruits and vegetables, and is also a potent antioxidant highly
concentrated in the macula of the eye (the back part of the
retina where entering light hits and sends signals to the brain
for sight). Research shows that lutein can serve as your
body's own "internal sunglasses," helping to block out visible
blue light, the major cause of photic (light induced) damage to
the eye.* The problem is, as we age, our supply of lutein
dwindles. The natural solution? Ocuguard Plus with Lutein.

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