UPC: 027434015080
# TW0611

Super Enzyme Caps A complete, well balanced and high potency
digestive enzyme formula offering the greatest possible
digestive activity available in one dose. Two hard gelatin
capsules supply: Pancreatin 4x (quadruple strength) (equivalent
to 2000 mg of pancreatin USP) 500 mg Supplying: Amylase 50000
USP units Protease (trypsin & chymotrypsin) 50000 USP units
Lipase 8500 USP units Betaine HCI (betaine hydrochloride) 324
mg (5 grains) Pepsin NF (1:10000) 130 mg (2
grains) Bromelain (pineapple) 250 mg Papain (papaya) 250
mg Capsules: 50's; 100's; 200's.

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