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Description: World Organic's LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL is derived
exclusively from high quality alfalfa leaves. Chlorophyll is
essential to the process of photosynthesis..often called the
"building block of life". Without chlorophyll there is no life.
Chlorophyll is a natural soluble nutrient which World Organic
makes water dispersible for premier results.
Ingredients: Pure Chlorophyllins Derived From Alfalfa With
Certified Organically Grown Alfalfa 50mg. Chlorophyll, Natural
Mint Flavor. Product Research: Liquid Chlorophyll 50 mg,
Natural Mint Flavor. Chlorophyll is a natural fat soluble
nutrient which World Organics makes water dispersible for better
absorption. Also look for World Organics Chlorophyll in
convenient hard shell and soft gelatin capsules!
Recommend: As a nutritional supplement, take one Tablespoon in
a glass of water or juice daily, or as directed by your health
care professional. May be useful in cleansing programs.
Cautions: Chlorophyll contains a natural green pigment that
could stain your clothing. Handle with care. Shake well before
using. Refrigerate after opening. Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 15 oz Servings Per Container: 32 DV
% Daily Values Amount per Serving Sodium
(an electrolyte) 110 mg 4 % Chlorophyll (Sodium
Copper Chlorophyllins [from Alfalfa Leaves] {medicago sativa})
50 mg * * Daily Value not established

After extensive testing and changing our entire production
process from farm to final bottling we are happy to announce
that American's Premier Chlorophyll is now available:
Preservative Free Chlorophyll! Our goal has always been to
provide you with the highest quality possible without
sacrificing your safety. manufactured with Organic Alfalfa!

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