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Welcome to the heart of the jungle. We offer more than 120 medicinal herbs, high quality extracts, capsules and 60 traditional compound formulations. We are dedicated to serving you by offering herbs and products which have been derived from organically certified farms or wildcrafted under our “Sustainable Harvest™” label by using forestry management permits. Each item has been validated through empirical studies and supported by research in clinics and universities around the world.

For all product information, please visit our Pharmacopeia page which offers links to all of our merchandise listings. This useful index enables you to categorize your search by medical terms or by product type, and we also offer valuable background information about each of the herbs available here.

Whether as a bulk tea, a liquid tincture or an encapsulated herb, our line of traditional Amazon Bio-therapeutic formulations are presented in a convenient to utilize form and can be administered in precise dosages.

Our finished teas and blends are presented according to principles established by hundreds of years of popular use in their countries of origins. Extracts are made according to the USP and German Pharmacopoeia, capsules are made from only the freshest materials and formulated according to demands of practitioners and popular OTC use in the USA.

Our Mission

“To provide equitable exchange between international research and the intellectual property rights of indigenous peoples of the Andes mountains and the Amazon Basin.

To inspire and promote research and funding for the benefit of native societies and rainforest conservation.

To provide a platform for the advancement of phyto-medicines, the herb growers and gatherers, students or apprentices, medical societies and traditional healers who reside, research or practice in South America.”

Our founders have been interested in developing various strains of tribal medicinal crops and super foods for over twenty years. Working in more than thirty countries around the world we have introduced over 400 live food crops to North America and shipped them to dozens of countries on five continents.

We are members of NNFA, Organic Trade Association, and EXPO West trade shows hosted by New Hope Natural Media. Many of our products are distributed by the natural product industries largest companies; Nature’s Best, Threshold and Mountain Peoples Warehouse, where they are found throughout the USA and several European and Asian countries.

Our company is fortunate to have developed relationships with indigenous people as well as top researchers throughout South America. Our network of herbologists, botanical gardens and leading researchers ensure accurate species identification. Our collection of plant vouchers and high quality raw material provide outstanding chemical analyses and superior bioavailability in each product.

We work closely with native peoples to encourage preservation of lands and botanicals. We supporting sustainable harvesting techniques and encourage methods of cultivation for rare species.

Amazon therapeutic laboratories Product List

1.   UI0023
Gravio-Cat™ (Graviola & Cat's Claw) Certified Organic Gravio-Cat™ (Graviola & Cat's Claw) Certified Organic   2 fl oz

$ 18.20
35% OFF
2.   UI0096
Graviola 350 mg Graviola 350 mg   100 capsules

$ 17.04
29% OFF
3.   UI0097
Graviola 350 mg Graviola 350 mg   200 capsules

$ 31.24
29% OFF
4.   UI0026
Graviola Certified Organic Graviola Certified Organic   1 fl oz

$ 12.35
35% OFF
5.   UI0028
Graviola Tincture Certified Organic Graviola Tincture Certified Organic   2 fl oz

$ 22.10
35% OFF
6.   UI0029
Graviola Tincture Certified Organic Graviola Tincture Certified Organic   4 fl oz

$ 35.75
35% OFF
Amazon therapeutic laboratories List

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