AMAZON THERAPEUTIC LABORATORIES: Graviola Tincture Certified Organic 4 fl oz

Graviola Tincture Certified Organic - 4 fl oz

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This single-herb extract of the leaf of the South American
evergreen Graviola helps control diabetes and blood sugar
problems, cleanses the liver, and assists in removing parasites.
These functions help in cases where underlying blood sugar
imbalances and immune system weakness are persistent problems.
Also, numerous studies of Graviola have shown selective
cyto-toxicities against several lines of cancer
cells. Dosage: As a restorative tonic, use 10 to 15 drops in
a glass of water, taken once or twice a day. Contents: 100
percent Graviola (Annona muricata), distilled water, and organic
grain alcohol* (35 to 40 percent) in a 2oz. dropper bottle. *
Certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

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