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Natural Max
The NaturalMax® brand began as a product line of the KAL brand in approximately 1993, with a focus on diet products (with diet plans) as well as energy and women's health products. The NaturalMax® brand uses tablets, softgels, capsules and liquids, depending on the most desired form for the particular product.

After the acquisition of KAL/NaturalMax®, Nutraceutical established NaturalMax® as a separate brand in order to bring special focus to the NaturalMax® product line. NaturalMax® recently launched the innovative diet product Skinny Fast®, based on five popular ingredients, as well as another diet product, Carb-X™. The packaging of NaturalMax® products includes the distinctive and recently revised NaturalMax® logo.

Naturalmax Product List
1.   11699
Simply Hoodia Simply Hoodia   60ct

$ 21.83
45% OFF
2.   24674
Skinny Fast Hunger Rescue Protein Skinny Fast Hunger Rescue Protein   483 grams

$ 21.12
35% OFF
3.   58006
Super CitriMax Super CitriMax   60ct 750mg

$ 9.73
45% OFF
4.   58009
Super CitriMax Super CitriMax   90ct 750mg

$ 12.86
45% OFF
5.   78612
SuperTone CLA 1400 M-120 SuperTone CLA 1400 M-120   120ct 1400mg Softgel

$ 35.03
45% OFF
6.   78600
SuperTone CLA 1400 M-60 SuperTone CLA 1400 M-60   60ct 1400mg

$ 16.99
45% OFF
Naturalmax List
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