Natural Balance: Fast Food Enzymes 90ct - 32534

Fast Food Enzymes - 90ct - 32534

by   Natural Balance
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I have been using the Natural Balance Fast Food Enzymes for 3
months now and I always order plenty ahead because I do not want
to run out of these awesome pills! Thank you Natural
Balance!” Norma T. Millersburg, OH Amylase - Digests
carbohydrates and starch. Protease - Converts protein into
amino acids. Lipase - Breaks down fat. Bromelain - Helps
digest protein. Lactase - Breaks down lactose, know as milk
sugar. Papaya - Contains papain which also digests
protein. HemiSEB™ - Breaks down difficult plant fiber and
indigestible residues. HemiSEB**includes: cellulase,
xylanase, betagluconase, betagalactase, pectinase and phytase.

Lactase Enzymes

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