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Hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to chlorine dioxide-based mouthwashes in its ability to convert sulfides (the germs which cause halitosis) into sulfates. You can feel the oxygen-releasing molecules make your mouth come alive. We combined the powerful oils of eucalyptus‚ menthol and thyme‚ with filtered water and hydrogen peroxide‚ to bring you an effective‚ good-tasting mouthwash.


Water‚ Grain Alcohol (Ethyl alcohol‚ final percentage alcohol is ~5.5%)‚ food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (final percentage in HPM is 1.5% hydrogen peroxide) and Flavor: eucalyptus‚ menthol and thyme oil.


Swish 2 tsp of H.P.M. for at least 1 minute and expel. Use up to 4 times daily after meals and at bedtime‚ or as directed by a health professional. Children under 12: use only under superivision of a qualified professional.


DO NOT SWALLOW - If irritation‚ pain or redness occurs‚ consult a doctor or dentist promptly. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For use by children under 12: Adult Supervision. For use by children under 2: Use only under supervision of a qualified professional.

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