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PerioWash Category: Dental Herbal Extract Serving size: 2-3
Capfuls, 2x daily Each Serving Contains: Purified Water,Triple
filtered, vegetable glycerin, Phytoplenolin®, Bio-Chelated®
Extracts of echinacea purpurea tops, calendula flower,
Phytoplenolin®, olive leaf, black walnut (green hulls), gotu
kola herb, chamomile flowers, blood root, green tea leaf,
prickly ash bark, grapefruit seed; Essential Oils of peppermint,
oregano, clove, thyme; Bio-saponin™, folic acid, co-q10, aloe
vera phytogel®, chlorophyll and natural flavors Alcohol-Free
Mouthwash Promotes Periodontal Health Kosher
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