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Neem, The Ultimate Herb is the most comprehensive book about neem, the world's most amazing plant. This book provides easy-to-understand instructions for using neem along with credible scientific evidence as to its effectiveness. After finishing this book, you will understand and appreciate the amazing qualities found in neem. You will also be able to more intelligently select quality neem products for your own use.

John Conrick has been a driving force in introducing neem to the United States. For over fifteen years he has promoted neem for its ecological benefits and for its many uses as a source of medicines. His efforts have resulted in tens of thousands of neem trees being planted in the United States where there were less than ten trees when he began. He has also been instrimental in establishing plantations in Mexico, the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean. John's strong belief in the benefits of neem prompted him to introduce neem-based health and beauty aids to the United States and has successfully encouraged others to do the same. Neem-based products are now a common sight in health food stores and on the internet.
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