Solaray: Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower) 60 Softgels

Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower) - 60 Softgels

by   Solaray
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Natural, Potent, and Soy-Free: Discover Solaray Super Bio E 400IU Vitamin E Supplement Made From Sunflower Seeds

Introducing Solaray Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower), a revolutionary vitamin E supplement boasting a rich history. Our unique product is created from non-GMO sunflower oil, breaking free from the tradition of soy-based Vitamin E supplements. The key ingredient, 100% Natural d-Alpha Tocopherol, is derived directly from sunflowers, ensuring utmost purity and quality. Our company, Solaray, has been a trusted name in health and wellness since 1973, with a commitment to crafting natural, potent, and safe supplements to enhance your wellbeing.

Solaray Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower) works in harmony with your body, aiding in a variety of physiological functions. As you know, Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that combats harmful free radicals in the body. But it doesn't stop there. Vitamin E also supports cardiovascular health, promotes skin health, and supports immune function. This product is designed to maximize absorption and utilization by the body, thus ensuring you get the most benefit from every dose.

For our customers seeking a soy-free Vitamin E supplement, Solaray Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower) is the answer. This product is notably:

  • Soy-Free: It's an excellent alternative for those with soy allergies or those seeking non-soy supplements.
  • Non-GMO: Formulated with non-GMO sunflower oil ensuring a clean, safe product.
  • Highly Bioavailable: Its superior bioavailability ensures maximum absorption and utilization of the Vitamin E.
  • Natural: Created using 100% natural d-Alpha Tocopherol.

In addition to the benefits of Vitamin E, Solaray Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower) offers:

  • Support for cardiovascular health: Vitamin E has been linked to maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Enhanced skin health: It helps improve skin's hydration and elasticity.
  • Boosted immune function: It supports the body's natural defenses.

Remember, Solaray Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower) isn't just a vitamin supplement — it's a catalyst for better health, a more balanced lifestyle, and a brighter future. Don't allow your health to take a back seat. Make the choice to invest in yourself and in your wellbeing. Upgrade to Solaray Super Bio E 400IU (from Sunflower) today. Click on "Add to Cart" and begin your journey towards optimal health.

WARNING: Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Keep your licensed health care practitioner informed when using this product.DIRECTIONS: Use only as directed. Take 1 softgel daily with a meal or glass of water. Store in a cool, dry place.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Softgel

Amount Per
% Daily

Vitamin E (as 100% Natural d-Alpha Tocopherol from Non-GMO Sunflower Oil) (Supplying 400 IU of Vitamin E)268 mg 1,787%
Other Ingredients: Softgel (Gelatin and Glycerin), Water and Rosemary Extract.

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