Life-flo Health Care: Pure Magnesium Oil (Unsented) 8 oz Liq

Pure Magnesium Oil (Unsented) - 8 oz Liq

by   Life-flo Health Care
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  • For external use only.
  • Pure Magnesium Oil from the ancient Zechstein sea.
  • Relax With Magnesium Oil, Rub it where it hurts for mild pain relief.
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Pure Magnesium Oil 8oz

  • Highly concentrated source of Magnesium Chloride
  • Mined from the Ancient Zechstein Sea
  • Easily tolerated, convenient, and non-greasy
  • 4 sprays contains approximately 66 mg of elemental magnesium

How To use

Spray 4-5 sprays onto your skin and massage the area. After a while you may see a slight white residue forming on the areas where you have applied the spray. It is just the salt that has stayed behind on the skin and can be wiped or washed off. Add 2 oz to your bath or foot soak and soak for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. It can also be used as a deodorant.


100% pure magnesium chloride brine from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands.

Health benefits of magnesium oil

Magnesium oil is known to have many health benefits. Among the most important, is the ability of magnesium oil to relieve pain. Almost all types of body pains can be managed with the use of magnesium oil either by external application or ingesting small amounts,but the most preferred method is the external application also known as trans dermal therapy. The oil functions in two important ways; First, it blocks reception of pain by the body receptors like the n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor site so that you don't feel the pain.

For example,it will block the central sensitization of the spinal cord from receiving the pain and transporting it to the brain. Secondly, it removes the source of the pain and it is therefore known to deal with both the symptoms and their causes. If you constantly suffer from premenstrual syndrome, magnesium oil is the right remedy for you. It will soothe your muscles so that you don't feel the contractions. Arthritic pain need not put you down anymore when you can apply and massage magnesium oil on the joints to instantly feel relieved.

Even headaches and acute migraines can be relieved by use of this pain reliever.It has been proven that regular use of magnesium oil before a surgical procedure, will help in managing the pain that comes after the operation. On the other hand, whether your pain is acute or chronic, whether it is caused by tissue inflammation, toxic substances in your body, mineral deficiency or rigidity of the cell wall, trust magnesium oil to deal with that problem. You just have to massage or spray the oil onto the sore muscles for instant relief.

Apart from fighting pain, magnesium oil has numerous other health benefits. It can be used for the management of diabetes mellitus. The deficiency of magnesium in the body is known to cause this condition and it can therefore be corrected by the oil. Magnesium oil is also good for the health of your heart and can put blood pressure under control. It lowers the cholesterol levels in your body and will heal your brain from the effects of stroke.

Research has shown that some cancers like gastric and colon cancer can be prevented by magnesium. So, if you are deficient of magnesium you should make an effort of regularly using magnesium oil. The good news is that you can just apply the oil onto your skin without having to take it orally. It will fast be absorbed into your blood stream to perform the required functions.

Another benefit of magnesium oil is that it can be helpful to insomniacs. Lack of sleep can be caused by the body being unable to relax, but a massage with the oil will relax your body enough for you to sleep soundly.

Magnesium is essential for the absorption of calcium, which is important for strengthening bones. You will also be pleased to know that it possesses anti- aging effects! Nothing should prevent you from splurging yourself with magnesium oil.

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