Woodland publishing: Natural Cold And Flu Defense 2nd Ed 40 pages

Natural Cold And Flu Defense 2nd Ed - 40 pages

by   Woodland publishing
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  • Discover Natural Ways To Strengthen The Immune System
  • Natural Cold and Flu Defense
  • The Body's Natural Defense Against Cold And Flu Viruses
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Natural Cold and Flu Defense (2nd Edition)
Each year, Americans spend about $40 billion trying to treat cold and flu symptoms. But most of the time, over-the-counter and prescription medications merely suppress symptoms, doing nothing to address their cause. In this completely revised and updated booklet, discover natural ways to strengthen the immune system, the body's natural defense against cold and flu viruses. Includes more than 20 nutritional supplements not found in the old edition, including umckaloabo, monolaurin, Manuka honey and more! Cold or Flu?

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