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Vege-sal box - 20 oz

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Vege-sal 20oz from modern products

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Vege-sal is sometimes referred to as vegetable salt which is an all purpose salt that is produced by blending various types of substances mostly vegetables, herbs, flavors and normal salt.

Commonly, in the processing of vege-sal, the finest crystals of normal salt are taken and blended with very many vegetables that are chosen from other vegetables that are available. In most cases these vegetables may be included but not only limited to the following:

carrots, onions, celery, spinach, soy sauce, beet root, soy proteins that are hydrolyzed , dill seed, molasses and in some instances some specific herbs and exotic flavors are added among many other different types of vegetables that may be incorporated depending on the manufacturer. However, there are those vegetables which are common with this type of seasoning hence must be included.

In terms of nutrition, this type of salt is superior as compared to normal salt since it has got low levels of sodium and chloride ions which are not good when it comes to blood pressure.

The level of sodium in vege-sal for example is about fifteen percent which is way below as compared to that contained in normal salt.

This type of salt is preferred as it can be used in cooking/preparing most foods as a seasoning unlike normal salt. This is because vege-salt has been associated with the following benefits:

Flavor; when vege-sal is used, it enhances the flavor of food in many aspects as compared to normal salt. This is an important aspect in food more especially when you find that the appetite has declined greatly. By taking food seasoned with this salt, the appetite will be boosted greatly which is important in avoiding hunger which may predispose one to other negative conditions.

Taste; by cooking or preparing food using vege-sal, the taste of the food will never be the same as that when normal salt is used. This is because vege-sal has bee blended with other vegetables which boost the taste of the food hence when taking the food, it will be rich in taste. This will make it easier in using foods prepared with this salt as compared to those that are prepared from normal salt.

This type of salt as compared to normal salt, it can be widely used in cooking or preparing different types of foods. This is because it does not impart that “saltiness” in food as normal salt does hence making it widely applicable when making different foods. It is also essential as it helps in boosting the palatability of food unlike if the food was taken without this salt or if normal salt was used in preparing food.

Consistency of food quality; this type of salt as compared to normal salt does not affect the physical and rheological properties of food when it is used in cooking of normal food or as a seasoning. This therefore makes it important as it helps in retaining the overall food quality without altering it. This means that the nutritional quality of the food will be superior as compared to those foods prepared with normal salt. This will help in meeting the nutritional requirements of many people easily.

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