Living Flower Essences: Tonka Bean Absolute Organic 5 ml

Tonka Bean Absolute Organic - 5 ml

by   Living Flower Essences
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  • Non-floral alternative for introducing a warmth and sweetness to a blend.
  • Rich, warm, sweet and powdery.
  • USDA certified organic essential oils.
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Living Flower Essences Tonka Bean Absolute Organic 5 ml

Simplers provides only the highest quality oils available on the market. We purchase USDA organic certified essential oils from distillers around the world. By obtaining our oils directly from distilleries worldwide, we ensure that they are genuine, species-specific and ethically harvested. Simplers Botanical offers over 100 pure essential oils that we hope you enjoy discovering fun and practical applications for.

Rich, warm, sweet and powdery, reminiscent of sweetgrass, with a nutty caramel, honey, praline and tobacco-like undertone. Coumarinic compounds lend a new mown hay aroma.

Tonka bean absolute is made by making a concentrated extract of organic tonka beans using organic grain alcohol as a solvent. The beans are harvested from trees that grow wild in the Orinoco Basin of Venezuela. Diluted in 70% organic grain alcohol for pourability.

Tonka is a great fixative and is a non-floral alternative for introducing a warmth and sweetness to a blend. It is used in new mown hay, chypres, fougeres, Oriental, and lavender and amber bases. Blends well with cocoa, vanilla, lavender, clary sage, bergamot, cinnamon, oakmoss, benzoin, lemongrass, vetiver and geranium.


Dilute properly before application.


100% Pure Tonka Bean (Dipteryx odorata) Absolute.


Keep out of reach of children.

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