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Is Coconut Palm Sugar Healthier Than Cane Sugar?

Coconut palm sugar is naturally extracted from the nectar of coco nucifera or commonly known as the coconut palm tree. This natural sweetener is mainly produced among tropical countries such as the ones in Southeast Asian region. It has been used in authentic Asian cuisines and even in the field of medicine.

Now, why is coconut palm sugar better than the cane sugar? The details below will tell you why.

Palm Sugar: Low Glycemic Index

The fact that palm sugar has lower glycemic index (GI) than cane sugar means that it is definitely a good substitute sweetener. People with diabetes or those who just want to maintain normal blood sugar levels find using this natural sweetener as somewhat like a miraculous healthy food complement. This natural sweetener is also lower in carbohydrates making it very popular among weight-conscious people. It also has lower calories than cane sugar and even the brown sugar. But the most significant thing about coconut palm sugar is that it has higher content of micronutrients since it is less processed compared to refined sugar.

Aside from being nutritious, coconut palm sugar is also tastier than refined sugar. For that, you will only need a small amount of it to confectionate your food and drink. Its taste is more comparable to brown sugar but it has rich complexity of its sweetness. But the point is that it really tastes great. No wonder why this cane sugar substitute is making its way to becoming the leading sweetener; mainly because of its health benefits.

The only downside of coconut palm sugar is that it is relatively more expensive than cane sugar. But what are a few bucks to bust to a lifetime of health benefits? In the long run, it is entirely more beneficial than the usual cane sugar.

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