Solaray: BeetRoot Juice Organic 16 fl oz

BeetRoot Juice Organic - 16 fl oz

by   Solaray
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  • Cardiovascular And Brain Health
  • Contains Nitric Oxide Precursors
  • Helps Maintain Health Blood Pressure Levels
  • No Sugar Added
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Health benefits of beet root juice

Beet root juice is often termed as the super food as it contains a number of nutritional compounds like magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. There are small quantities of selenium, manganese, copper, iron and zinc that are also present in the root extract of the beta vulgaris plant commonly known as beet root.

The beet root juice must be extracted from the raw plant, because cooking the plant reduces the notional value of the D amino acids and the flavonoids present in it. Vitamins like A, B3, B1, B2, B9 and C also loose some of their functions. Therefore having raw beet is better than having a cooked one.

Daily intake of the juice from beet root induces several health benefits that are supported by clinical investigations. Beet root juice reduces hypertension within an hour of intake, thereby preventing heart attack. Iron content from the juice prevents anemia and increases RBC count and also improves circulation of blood. Betacyanin found in the root juice can prevent cancer and betanin has been proven to effectively reduce tumors. Antioxidant compounds prevent ageing and also increases digestion and metabolism. Therefore beet root juice indeed has tremendous health benefits.

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