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World Berries™ ingredients are sourced from the four corners of the earth and highlight the natural bounty of the world. Our products are certified organic and are produced by traditional, sustainable methods when available. Each World Berries™ product is selected for its unique nutritional characteristics. Theobroma cacao (the “food of the gods™) was central to some of the most ancient Central and South American civilizations. Within a century after Christopher Columbus first encountered the cacao, its medicinal and culinary uses had spread throughout Europe. Today, many cacao varieties are cultivated throughout the world. World Berries™ uses only cacao nibs of the Criollo varietyùthe variety thought to be originally used by the Mayas. Though they are more difficult to grow, Criollo nibs are the most prized of all cacao nibs and are less bitter and more aromatic than more modern varieties. This ancient snack food contains vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene and is known for its antioxidant flavonols. Cacao nibs also contain theobromine which has a long list of nutritive properties. FunFresh Foods™ raw cacao nibs are a good source of fiber, with a flavor similar to that of unsweetened chocolate. World Berries™ cacao nibs are certified organic and thoroughly screened for heavy metals and pesticides.

Product #: 92902

Size: 6oz

Directions: Suggested uses: Eat cacao nibs as a snack straight from the bag; add them to snack mixes, baked goods, smoothies and cereal; or, grind them and blend them with sugar and milk to make hot cocoa.

Serving Size: 1 oz

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