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Our organic ylang ylang complete essential oil, from Madagascar, contains the entire distillation from start until the flowers are exhausted.

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Single botanical

No synthetics

Tested for authenticity

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Ylang Ylang Body Oil:

Blend 2 fl oz grapeseed oil and 8 drops organic ylang ylang complete in a 2-oz bottle.

Dilute essential oil properly. Peel open product label for specific caution information.


Drops per 1 oz (2 Tbsp) carrier

Face 2

Body 4

Home Care 6

Diffusion Follow device instructions

Examples of carriers

Skin care oil

Unscented liquid soap or lotion

Witch hazel extract

Suggested uses

Balancing aromatherapy for skin.

Quick Tip: Mix 1 drop per 2 teaspoons jojoba for a facial oil.

Aromatherapy Notes: Balanced sweet, floral.

Botanical name: Cananga odorata

Product Ingredients: Organic Cananga odorata (ylang ylang) oil.

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