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Chaparral 500mg - 180 caps

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Chaparral (larrea tridentata)

Wild crafted and harvested from 
the pristine Sonoran Desert, this ancient plant contains a
powerful antioxidant. Recent research against herpes and related
viruses is very promising. 500 mg. capsules or in tablets with
Vitamin C, Zinc, Alfalfa and Yucca root. Arizona
Natural Chaparral We stand in awe of the centuried
Redwoods of the Pacific coast and the twisted, giant Saguaros of
the high desert, but compared to the Chaparral bush they are
mere infants. Botanically known as Larrea tridentata, the common
chaparral plant can live up to 12,000 years! The fact this
waxy-leaved bush can thrive in the harsh Arizona desert and
dominate it's neighbors without being eaten or infected is
testimonial to the potency of its chemical arsenal. The Native
Americans of the Southwest long ago discovered this medical
resource and used chaparral to treat everything from respiratory
infections to arthritis. To date, researchers have identified
dozens of flavonoids in chaparral which act as cellular
enhancers, as well as a powerful antioxidant called NDGA.
Recently, researchers at Arizona State University discovered
that chaparral demonstrates strong antiviral activity
particularly on the Herpes family of viruses. Chaparral may
have an advantage over drug therapy for treatment of viruses by
inhibiting the viral genes without damaging your living cells.
Drugs work by interfering with the reproduction of viral DNA,
but also inhibit synthesis of your own DNA, which suppresses
your immune system. Chaparral seems to attack the virus and
enforce the immune system with antioxidant flavinoids. Other
Medical Connections: Cancer researchers first became interested
when an 87 year old man cured a facial cancer by consuming
chaparral. Scientists at the University of Nevada investigated
the activity of NDGA and found that it was a potent inhibitor of
mitochondrial enzymes, which in turn inhibits cancer growth.
While no clinical data exists to support using chaparral for
cancer therapy, thousands of testimonials credit it for tumor
remissions and complete cures. Other medical evidence indicates
chaparral is an anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial agent and a
possible treatment for asthma. Research continues to uncover
it's mode of action and other potential therapeutic uses.
Current Status in the Marketplace: After allegations in 1992 of
liver toxicity associated with chaparral consumption,
manufactures voluntarily restricted sales until the reports were
investigated. Following a lengthy review, a panel of medical
experts concluded " no clinical data was found... to indicate
chaparral is inherently a hepatic toxin. " In late 1994 this
report was submitted to the FDA and the product was subsequently
given a clean bill of health by the American Herbal Products
Association (AHPA). After comparing the quantity of chaparral
consumed each year to the number of product complaints, industry
regulators concluded chaparral did not pose a significant threat
to consumer safety. Good chaparral supplements usually
contain about 500 mg. pure, dried leaf per capsule, or combine
it with Vitamin C or other antioxidants. Arizona natural offers
chaparral in both tablet and capsule form.

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