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# AO0067

Anabol Naturals products are the highest quality pharmaceutical
grade free-form amino acids -- crystalline form for assimilation
directly into the body without need of digestion. Made to U.S.
Pharmacopeia (USP) quality, purity and potency standards. 1/4
level teaspoon of the powder or 2 capsules contains 1000 mg
L-Glutamine and 10 mg Vitamin B-6. Suggested use: 11/4 to /2 tsp
or 1-4 capsules daily between meals or before and after
training. Food protein is formed by long chains of
molecularly bonded amino acids. The body must first break these
molecular (peptide) bonds for amino acid absorption. Anabol
Naturals' amino acids are already in their simplest single,
free-form molecular state (no peptide bonds), and can readily be
absorbed. We also carry similar Anabol Naturals products,
NitroMax and Muscle Octane, which have similar amino acids. See
link at right for more on Muscle Octane or NitroMax products.

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