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Hand-crafted in India. Decorated with dried flowers and scented
with natural essential oils, these elegant candles make a
wonderful gift. The natural fragrances evoke the joy of nature,
the dried flowers add a touch of simple beauty. No artificial
colors or fragrances. Guaranteed non-toxic. Auroshikha &
Aromatherapy The timeless beauty of Nature is reflected in
Aurashikha Flower Candles. Dried flower designs are applied by
hand to hand poured candles. The artistry of the native
craftspeople of southern India has a feeling of simple joy and
delight, easily visible in these candles. Natural fragrances
enhance this simple joy with a gentle uplifting sense of well
being. The fragrances provide the key to unlock the benefits of
aromatherapy. Whether you choose, for example, the sweet purity
of jasamine, the expressive heart-felt sweetness of Rose, the
woody richness of Sandal, or the beloved freshness of Lavender,
you will find your spirits uplifted and soothed. You can create
moods of clarity, romance or mystery, anything you choose.
Auroshikha, world reowned for their revival of the ancient art
of incense making and their extraordinary variety of incense,
provides a range of candle fragrances and styles to match your
mood and surroundings.

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