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Massage oil - ayurvedic ingredients:
Sesame Oil, Asparagus 
racemosus, Sweet Flag (extract), Round Zedory, Desmodium
gangeticum (extract), Indian Beech, Castor Oil, Solanum
xanthocarpum, Indian Nightshade, Uraria lagopoids, Sweet Flag
(crushed), Deodar Pine, Spreading Hogweed, Fennel, Sandalwood
Oil, Eaglewood, Yellow Lichen, Indian Valerian, Costus,
Cardamom, Musk Root, Desmodium gangeticum (crushed), Country
Mallow, Winter Cherry, Vanda roxburghii, Rock Salt. 25
Ayurvedic herbs and botanical extracts recommended for skin and
muscle-toning have been selected and blended into a pure
cold-pressed sesame oil base according to age-old methods using
special clay fire places and pure copper vessels. Highly
recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners, massage therapists, body
workers, hatha yoga instructors and students for all types of
general and special massage. Available in 2 sizes

'From the ancient time Ayurvedic Massage Oil has been used in Sub-Continent, specially in South India. As in those parts of the world, it used in the body with a gentle massage followed by warm water bath. A recent study has found that it is helpful in increasing of secretion of thyroid and insulin. Oil massage and bath at least once in a week helps to pacify the vitiated doshas to a large extent. The benefit is that it helps the skin to maintain its lustre. It also strengthened the body muscle, improves blood circulation. Body message with the Ayurvedic Massage Oil helps the body to relax and energises it.
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