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# B12

Absorption of the Vitamin B12 in the Body

Vitamin B12 is the nutrient that helps in the making of the genetic materials in the body cells and helps in the keeping of the body's blood cells and nerves healthy. This is the nutrient that is responsible for the prevention of the megaloblastic anemia which usually makes people to feel very weak and tired. Before the vitamin B12 can be absorbed in the body, two processes usually take place in the body. The first process is usually the separation of the vitamin B12 from the protein by the hydrochloric acid to which the vitamin B12 is usually attached in the food.

After the first process, the second process will take place whereby the vitamin B12 will then combine with the protein made in the stomach. This is what is referred to as the intrinsic factor because the vitamin B12 will be able to be absorbed by the body after these two processes. People who have the pernicious anemia usually have problem absorbing the vitamin B12 from the dietary supplement and food because the condition can't make the intrinsic factor.

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