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Elm (Ulmus procera) is a flower essence is indicated for those
feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, which is often connected
to taking on too much work and not taking care of the self,
resulting in depression, exhaustion, and loss of self esteem;
they make good managers and are often in positions of
responsibility. Suggested Use: Take 2 drops in a small glass
of water and sip at intervals or take directly on the tongue.
Ingredients: Essence of Elm (ulmus procera),

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Review of Flower Essence Elm - BACH FLOWER ESSENCES Product BA0064
Reviewed by Brian Huber
Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rating: 5/5

I absolutely loved this product. It really helped me and i would recommend it to any one.It is safe and natural. Its even safe for plants !!! I had negative emotions and then i started taking Bach Flower Essences and the negative turned into positive. I love it. Thank you

Brian Huber Salem, Oregon USA

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